Fingerprinting For Vulnerable Sector Checks

Electronic fingerprinting through Pacific Fingerprinting Services can reduce the wait time required for a Vulnerable Sector check from weeks to days.

It's important to know your options! If your police service cannot submit prints electronically, you can request to have your prints taken/submitted by an RCMP-accredited fingerprinting company or submit them using another police service that uses the technology. It’s easy – all you’ll need is a Letter of Instruction from your police service and your identification.

If your fingerprints cannot be submitted electronically, your Vulnerable Sector check may take longer.

Getting A Vulnerable Sector Check Done

A VS check is initiated by the local police in the jurisdiction where you live or the Police Service and Solicitor General (PSSG) in B.C. Not all paid or volunteer positions require this type of check, so your prospective employer or organization should tell you what information you need to bring with you for police to start the check.

The police or designated authority will use the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system as well as their own database to conduct a background search based on your name, gender and date of birth. If your gender and date of birth match to a pardoned sex offender record, you will be asked to provide fingerprints to confirm your identity. Be assured that:

  • This is not an accusation of criminality: Prints are used to confirm your identity only
  • Your fingerprints will be destroyed after 90 days – when the check is complete. As with all civil checks, the RCMP does not keep your prints on file and they will not be searched for future purposes