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International Fingerprinting

International Fingerprinting

Electronic Fingerprints from Outside Canada

Electronic processing significantly reduces processing times when there is no match to an RCMP fingerprint holding. Electronic fingerprint submissions to the RCMP are not currently available outside of Canada. Ink fingerprints must be sent to an accredited company within Canada like, Pacific Fingerprint Services Inc. (PFSI).

Once we have received your inked fingerprints we are able to digitize them using an Orenex Cardscan system and submit them electronically to the RCMP (CCRTIS).

Please download our instruction package and follow the step by step instructions: Download Instructions

PFSI will process your prints the same day they are received and the RCMP will have the results certified and in the mail within 72 hours. Regular postal services can vary dramatically so to ensure your fingerprints reach us in a timely fashion we recommend you send your documentation to us via courier.

The *fee for this service is $189 CDN which includes;

  1. Digital conversion of your fingerprints
  2. Encryption of your prints using RCMP approved NIST compliant software
  3. Electronic transmission fees
  4. RCMP processing fees
  5. All Federal and Provincial taxes.
  6. Electronic confirmation when your prints have been digitized and submitted to the RCMP.

*Payment is processed only when we have received your inked prints in our offices in Canada.

What’s required?

  • To conduct a certified criminal record check we require a full set of original ink fingerprints, including both rolled and flat impressions of all ten fingers.
  • Reason for the request
  • Where and to whom you want the results sent

Reason for Request

Clearly indicate the reason for your certified criminal record check:

  • Adoptions – Canadian and International
  • Foreign travel – Visas, U.S. Waivers, Border Crossing
  • Employment Footnote* – federal, provincial, municipal governments; private industry; Canadian police forces
  • Volunteer work Footnote*
  • Applications for immigration to Canada Footnote**
  • Applications for Canadian Citizenship
  • Applications to obtain criminal record to apply for a Pardon
  • Name change
  • Permanent residency in foreign countries (all countries except Canada)

* Applicants for employment or volunteer work must specify the job title or position sought.

** Applicants for immigration to Canada must include the name and address of the Canadian Immigration Center, Embassy, Consulate or High Commission handling the case.

Process Times
All police certificates are mailed by the RCMP directly to the address you have specified within 72 hours of being submitted electronically. Pacific Fingerprints has no control over when the certificates will be received nor can we tell if they have been mailed out. Wait times for a criminal record checks vary depending on many different factors such as:

  • The number of applications received at different times of the year
  • The amount of manual processing related to the application
  • Delivery destination and quality of mail service

Typical delivery times for certificates mailed by the RCMP are approximately 15-20 business days for international clients and 7-10 days within Canada.

Civil product results (Certified Criminal Record) will not be sent by the RCMP via courier. The RCMP only sends results by regular mail.

If the application requiring the Canadian Police Certificate is time sensitive then we would recommend you have the results returned to us, Pacific Fingerprint Services and we will courier the certificate to any location you specify. The cost for this service varies according to destination and the carrier. If you need this service please provide a delivery address and we will provide you with the cost of courier delivery.

How to Verify the status of your application

Pacific Fingerprints has no control over when the certificates will be received nor can we tell if they have been mailed out.

Criminal Record checks are completed in the order received. The RCMP cannot make any exceptions as it will negatively impact individuals currently awaiting results.

To enquire about the status of your application, it is important to wait until after the processing time has passed.

If your application has taken longer than the times indicated and you require an update on the status of your application, please email providing only the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • The type of application you submitted – (Criminal Record Check – Visa, Employment, Citizenship etc.)
  • The date your application was submitted to the RCMP
  • A phone number where you can be reached on weekdays
  • The document control number (DCN) if it is available

RCMP are experiencing high levels of correspondence, but they will reply to all requests in the order they are received. Thank you for your patience.

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