• FBI Criminal Record Checks via Fingerprints

    If you require an FBI criminal record check via fingerprints we can take your fingerprints on a FD-258 FBI fingerprint form and submit them directly to the FBI for processing. We are not permitted to transmit this information electronically across international boundaries so we will mail your request directly to the FBI from the United States in order to expedite the delivery of your FBI criminal record check. No one else provides this service.

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In addition to our services for FBI criminal record checks via fingerprinting we also provide services for employers that are in need of hiring employees for positions where security and a responsible mindset are are of the utmost most importance. In fact, in any scenario where a someone's history is of importance to the safety and security of your company or even your activities, we can help!

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Check For a Criminal Record Associated to a Name?

We can do Criminal Record Checks by Name for individuals or corporations who require a quick and easy way to determine if an individual has a Canadian Criminal Record associated to their name.

Check Through The National Repository of Criminal Records

Individual names are checked via the National Repository of Criminal Records through the Canadian Police Information Centre to determine if a criminal record is associated to a name and date of birth.

Gain Access to Criminal Records Within Hours, Not Days

We can provide businesses and individuals easy access to this information and results within hours not days. To find out how to set this up please call our information line at 1-866-350-0999.