We provide these services by acting as agents for clients who are currently residing outside of Canada and need original documents notarized, and/or authenticated in order to be legalized in Canada for recognition as a legal document by a foreign country.

The processing times, procedures and cost varies from county to country. The requirements of each country can differ so you must determine the unique authentication and legalization requirements of a particular country by contacting their consulate. Once you have identified the country and their requirements a PFSI agent will confirm with you the procedure to be followed to ensure that we have the appropriate documents necessary to complete the process.

Generally speaking there are three steps to the authentication and legalization process.


This is a simple procedure whereby we have our notary confirm that the copied document is authentic.


The notarized document is then delivered to the B.C. Ministry of Justice - Order in Council Administration Office (Victoria) so the notary’s signature and status can be authenticated.


A notarized and authenticated document is presented by one of our agents to the foreign consulate in Vancouver for legalization. Legalization is the process whereby the foreign consulate in Vancouver verifies that the correct procedure was followed in Canada.

The PFSI agent assigned to your file will process and track your document(s) personally to ensure continuity and will advise you when each step is completed. Our goal is to have your documents processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For more information please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by titling your e-mail to us with “Document Legalization” in the subject field of the e-mail.