We are excited that you are ready to trust Pacific Fingerprinting Services with your fingerprinting needs. We provide various services as listed below and have the skills and resources to complete your fingerprint checks with professionalism and accuracy. Follow the directions below to get started. We're looking forward to working with you!

Step 1 - Select A Service

Select the PFSI service you need;

  • Livescan Electronic Fingerprint Submissions (Head Office Only)
  • Inked Fingerprints for Canadian or foreign authorities
  • Canadian Electronic Cardscan Fingerprint Submissions
  • International Cardscan Fingerprint Submissions for individuals residing outside of Canada
  • Canadian Criminal Record Suspension (Pardon)
  • U.S. Travel Waiver
  • Criminal Record check by name and date of birth only (CPIC)

Step 2 - Contact Us

Contact us at:

+1 (866) 350-0999

We will review with you your request and requirements to ensure that you are obtaining the correct service for your needs.

Step 3 - Meet Your Agent

The agent best suited to ensure your request is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible will be assigned to manage your file.

This agent will be your personal contact for any and all questions you might have until your service from us is complete.