"I am back in Korea, and just recieved word from my Mother that my RCMP criminal record check just arrived in the mail (Friday mid-day), that's only 4 days!! You weren't kidding. Got it stamped by Korean Consulate and everything's done. Very cool, so just wanted to say thank-you for your services, and if I know anyone who needs the same thing done I'll be sure to refer you to them. Thanks again."

- Tyler

“We send every client that is even remotely close to Pacific Fingerprint Services to see Mike. By FAR the best fingerprinting solution we have used. fast, reliable and treats our customers with respect. Highly recommended.”

- Darcy Wood, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Express Pardons Inc.

“Mike is highly skilled and informed on his subject and you can always trust and rely on Mike for his services.”

- Sunanda Kikla, Consultant, GISI

“Mike is an exceptional, experienced fingerprinting service provider. We trust Mike to deliver all of our client’s fingerprinting in the Surrey and surrounding areas.”

- Jared Church

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About Us

Pacific Fingerprint Services Inc.(PFSI) was founded by our President Mike Olsen who is a retired fingerprint examiner and forensic identification specialist with more than 30 years in law enforcement.

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