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About Pacific Fingerprint Services

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Our expertise is as an RCMP Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) accredited fingerprint agency.

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Our services are a cost effective and convenient alternative to using police agencies for your criminal background checks.

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We are always looking for responsible and self-motivated individuals to help provide our fingerprinting services.

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About Pacific Fingerprint Services

Pacific Fingerprint Services Inc. is an RCMP Accredited fingerprint agency.

Pacific Fingerprint Services Inc.(PFSI) was founded by our President Mike Olsen who is a retired fingerprint examiner and forensic identification specialist with more than 30 years in law enforcement. He has been taking fingerprints since 1976 and has been recognized as an expert in the taking and identification of fingerprints by the Solicitor General of Canada and both the provincial and supreme courts in British Columbia. Mr. Olsen has received commendations from the RCMP and the Abbotsford Police for his fingerprint expertise and technical skills which facilitated the successful prosecution of an individual for a series of crimes including murder, attempted murder and sexual assault.

In 2008 PFSI became affiliated with Clearneed Information Services Inc and received accreditation as an RCMP Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) fingerprint agency. This provides us with direct access to the National Repository of Criminal Records in Ottawa via the electronic submission of fingerprint data and provides our clients with fastest possible method of receiving an RCMP Criminal Record Certificate.

All our agents have received RCMP and Public Works and Government Services Canada reliability screening certificates and are trained personally by Mr. Olsen. Each and every fingerprint submission is reviewed prior to submission to ensure they meet or exceed the quality and clarity required for electronic search of the National Repository.

Mr. Olsen believes in being accessible to everyone and is committed to providing each and every client with the most cost effective and convenient service available. If you wish to contact him direct please feel free to e-mail him at with any comments, concerns or recommendations. He will respond personally to all correspondence.